Publication Rights and Licensing

Northern Star Art represents a number of extremely talented and experience science fiction art and fantasy art artists who are available to provide you with just the right image to meet your marketing needs.

All of our artists have years of experience in the commercial art markets in everything from calendar page images to store logos.  Whether you want to publish a book, a print, a calendar, t-shirt, illustrative advertising, trading card or album cover our artists can provide you with a first-class product at a competitive price.

We can handle your deadlines with the type of on-time service and professionalism that you deserve and expect.

We have provided hundreds of images, sortable by key word search, for your review and consideration.  All of the images have secondary rights available, including those from the estate of Kelly Freas.

If you do not see something that fits your needs, contact me at (541) 563-5028 or email me and we can discuss your specific needs and how the artists at Northern Star Art can meet them.

There are lots of good science fantasy art artists out there who you can hire, but why settle for good, when you can obtain the exceptional!