We are presenting for sale an original NATIONAL CARTOONISTS SOCIETY OF FINE COMIC ART PORTFOLIO VOLUMES 1, 2, and 3.

Volume 1 includes 14 plates ALL hand signed and numbered 1054/1500 by each artist.  Listed below is the title and artist of each plate:

  • The Treasure by Will Eisner
  • Idyll by Wallace Wood
  • Cartoon by Harvey Kurtzman
  • Lady by Jeffrey Jones
  • Variations on a Theme by Jerry Robinson
  • Partners in Action by Jack Kirby
  • Fantasy by Al Williamson
  • The Witch by Barry Windsor Smith
  • Shape Up by Russell Myer
  • The Eagle taking Coup by John Severin
  • Hero Image by Milton Caniff
  • Million Years by Johnny Hart
  • The Four Horsemen by Burne Hogarth
  • Woman Hostage by Jim Steranko

Volume II and Volume III were combined as a “thank you” to the people that had purchased these in advance and had to wait for some of the artists to make good on their commitments to this project in the final illustrated envelope by Burne Hogarth.  Volume II includes eight  plates that are hand signed and numbered 1054/1500 by each artist.  Listed below is the title and artist of each plate:

  • Death of an Ace (color print) by George Evans
  • Through Whom my Power Flows by Michael Kaluta,
  • Teddy Bear by Bernie Wrightson,
  • My Good Buddies by Jack Davis,
  • Tarzan by Neal Adams (this is signed by not numbered),
  • Star Hawks by Gil Kane,
  • Pogo by Selby Kelly,
  • Merlin by Hal Foster (this is hand numbered & has a proprietary stamp instead of a signature)

Volume III includes seven plates and the title and artist of each plate is listed below (these are not signed or numbered):

  • Merlin by Hal Foster (color print
  • Clint Eastwood Movie by Frank Frazetta (color print)
  • Swamp Rescue by Will Eisner
  • Prince Machiavelli by Burne Hogarth
  • Sexy Lady Cartoon by Harvey Kurtzman
  • Dweller in the Dungeon by Wally Wood
  • Space Soldiers by Al Williamson

The plates measure 12″ x 16″ and are in VERY GOOD CONDITION.  The portfolios were published in 1978 by Collectors Press.

Only the portfolios are being sold.  No publication rights are sold with the portfolios.



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