Dimensions: 24 x 37
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We are presenting for sale a high quality lithograph done by THOMAS CHRISTIAN WOLFE entitled MAUI – THE DEMIGOD.

The caption below the lithograph reads:

On the edge of dawn, Maui’s rope whistled towards the horizon to capture the sun god, La, as his first rays of light pierced the darkness. The blazened prisoner found his freedom only after vowing to forever traverse the skies more slowly, allowing the people of the island ample warmth and light to dry their Tapa cloth and complete their daily chores. From that day forth the people named their island after the handsome youth with magical powers, and the crater where the battle ensued, Haleakala, House of the Sun.

This image was originally done as a mural for a private estate.

The lithograph is in excellent condition and has been hand signed and numbered in an edition of 1,000 by Mr. Wolfe.

Only the lithograph is being offered for sale. No reproduction rights of any kind are sold with the lithograph.


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