We are presenting for sale an original preliminary drawing done for Frederik Pohl’s book entitled THE GATEWAY TRIP.

The Heechee are a fictional alien race from the science fiction works of Frederik Pohl.

The Heechee are portrayed as an exceedingly advanced star-travelling race that explored Earth’s solar system millennia ago and then disappeared without a trace before humankind began space exploration.

The Heechee first appeared in “The Merchants of Venus” (1972), a novella in the collection The Gold at the Starbow’s End, sometimes called “The Merchants of Venus Underground”. They also are referenced or appear in many of Pohl’s novels and short stories. In 1990, Frederik published a book entitled THE GATEWAY TRIP which is an accumulation of the tales and vignettes of the HeeChee.

This drawing is entitled VASTRO’S CAFE #10 and is done in colored marker.

The drawing is stamped with Kelly’s stamp or “bug” as he used to call it.

The drawing has been professionally boarded, matted, and shrink wrapped in plastic to protect the drawing.

Only the drawing is being sold. No publication rights are being sold with the drawing.


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