Medium: Pencil /C.Pencil
Dimensions: 9 x 11 and 2 x 3
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We are presenting for sale a SERIES of 6 COVER PRELIMINARIES done for Marvel Comic’s CRAZY MAGAZINE #8. These are some of the last of the Freas MAD/CRAZY material. Once we have sold the few pieces we have there are no more except what is already in private collections.

Apparently when Nixon resigned Marvel went with an entirely different cover. The lot includes Kelly’s original pencil cover design, then two (2) color preliminaries of the same image PLUS two (2) additional cover designs, one with President NIXON and the other obviously refering to the naughty words the President used on the tapes. In addition, the actual MARVEL printer’s proof of the design is included.

They are all in good condition and have been hand signed by Kelly.

Only the drawings are being offered for sale. No reproduction rights of any kind are sold with the drawings.


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