Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 18 x 14
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We are presenting for sale an original ALAN LEACH acrylic painting entitled DEATH DEALER.  This painting is a tribute to the man that some would call the most influential artist of the Twentieth Century, Frank Frazetta.  It depicts his famous horned warrior, the Death Dealer battling Neanderthals.  Frank first created this iconic warrior image in 1973.  Major elements of Frazetta’s work – the Horned Helmet of Death, the Bearded Axe, the Phoenix Shield, and circling vultures combine in a refreshed continuation of the adventures of Gath of Baal.

Alan hand signed the painting at the bottom.

The painting measures 18″ x 14″.  The painting is unframed and is in excellent condition.

Only the painting is being offered for sale. No reproduction rights of any kind are sold with the painting.


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