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Frequently Asked Questions about our Science Fiction Art and Fantasy Art

Q: Originals vs. reproductions? – All artwork offered for sale on this web site is original science fiction art and fantasy art done by the artist specified.  All other items, whether lithographs, prints or similar items are licensed from the specific artist.

All items are unconditionally guaranteed to be as described.

Q: Do you bargain? – As much as I love the sounds and images from the outdoor market for the purposes of this web site the price noted is the price at the time of sale.

If you wish to purchase multiple paintings, you should contact us and we will consider your offer.

Q: Framing? – Unless noted in the description, all artwork is sold WITHOUT framing.  If you have a question about framing please contact us.

Q: Use of the image from artwork? – All artwork is sold WITHOUT the rights of publication.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you wish to purchase the right to reprint the image for a specific purpose, please contact us.  For more information see our PUBLICATION RIGHTS AND LICENSING section.

Q: Do you buy art? – Yes, we are always in the market to purchase illustration or fine art. We mainly focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork, including book cover art (both hardcover and paperback), but we have purchased quality romance, horror, adventure or other type artwork. 

As a general rule we are open to consider just about any type of quality art, from one piece to entire collections.  Please contact us for our offer.

Q: Artist representation? – If you are an established artist looking for representation please contact us.

Q: Artist estates? - If you are a retired artist, or the family of an established artist who has passed to his or her reward, and you are looking to sell your artistic estate, please contact us.

Q: Contacting the artist directly? – Most of our artists are too busy producing art to respond personally to inquiries (that is one reason why they hire us!), but we are always happy to pass on your letters or emails. 

  Science Fiction Art and Fantasy Art by Northern Star Art, Including Prints, Covers, Paintings and Illustrations

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