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  NIEBLINGS - O.G. ESTES by O.G. Estes (1924) SciFi and Fantasy Art

NIEBLINGS - O.G. ESTES by  Other Artists

O.G. Estes (1924)
Category: Movie and TV Art - OA
Medium:  PenInk
Dimensions: 15 x 20

We are presenting for sale a one of a kind movie memory - the original artwork done for Director Fritz Lang 1924 2 part film (thus the two days of release) "THE NIBELUNGS" based upon Der Ring des Nibelungen a collection of four operas entitled Das Rheingold - Die Walkure - Siegfried - and Gotterdammerung composed by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). This is the famous Ring operas.

"Long before Lord of the Rings and Gladiator there was Die Nibelungen. The great German director of Die Nibelungen was Fritz Lang, who stated that only he and Erich von Stroheim made movies for art; not money. And 1924's Die Nibelungen made money. A Nordic legend, Die Nibelungen is the story of Siegfried, son of King Siegmund, who seeks the hand of lovely Kriemhild. First, he must tour a strange, primevil forest and wrestle mountain gnomes, mystical dwarfs, and a fire-breathing dragon. He wins the true love of Kriemhild, only to fall victim to jealous murder. His widow's vendetta of revenge comprises the rest of this massive 5-hour epic. This enchanting fantasy features stark symbolism and brilliant animation. Stop-motion, animatronics, and in-camera dissolves(never done today) are among the many special effects. Filmed mostly on the massive Berlin UFI studio sets, Die Nibelungen is Lang's first great masterpiece of mise-en-scene; a treat for the eyes, a numbing of the senses. Raised eyebrows,... and rolling eyes dominate the dated(but classical) Germanic acting. A leading role is played by Rudolph Klein-Rogge, who joined Lang 5 years later for Metropolis. The magical cinema ambience is aided by veteran producer Erich Pommer."

The movie artwork was done by the famous illustrator O.G. ESTES and is entitled "SIEGFRIED'S DEATH" and shows "Siegfried attacking the Dragon Fafner whom he will kill to regain the ring before his own death at the hands of Hagen.

Original promotional artwork for 1920's silent films are almost unheard of and to have one from one of the greatest directors and subjects is a true gem.

The artwork has been professionally framed to archival standards. The art is signed by Estes at the bottom.

Only the painting is being sold. No publication rights are being sold with the painting.

Qty: 1

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